Exhibition Logistics
The exhibition logistics industry has become very mature with the formation and development of the exhibition industry. Various advanced concepts and models such as JIT, ASC, TPL are emerging, and the circulation and connection of goods have been perfected. However, the isolated island of information was caused by the separation of the flows of information between multiple parties which have become a bottleneck of hindering the development of logistics.
Through the use of blockchain technology, participants in the exhibition logistics can share information on an open, anonymous and non-tamperable platform, thereby it can open up the flow of information throughout the process, and logistics providers can unprecedentedly refine dimension of managing materials from SKU which can refine to the exact of each item. With the MESSE platform, it is able to provide customers with better services, record the information and flow of each item, and provide possibilities for new exhibition logistics and business models.
Customer place order
Warehouse management system data upload to blockchain
Pickup information and good ownership Transferring upload to blockchain
Customer receipt information upload to blockchain
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