Event Prediction
The existing competition forecasting field lacks the construction of forecasting market ecology, which is easily affected by third-party suppliers, and there is the possibility of data tampering. At the same time, due to insufficient skill level, many forecasting platforms will use the third-party predictions which will cause higher user cost. Also, the third party and its own platform have a low degree of fitness, which means it is easy to cause data inaccuracy. In addition, the lack of activities from the sports events organizer as the upstream of the sports industry, the audience consumption habits and advertising sponsorship and other aspects causes the income of events in the upstream of industry is still single.
The distributed accounting method of blockchain technology can prevent the data in the forecasting market from being tampered and ensure the transparency of the data. The distributed accounting method also ensures that the platform will not be manipulated by the consortium. When the blockchain joins the real market forecasting mechanism, each vote and changing position of the user is equivalent to a transaction on the chain, and the transaction is directly confirmed by the nodes selected based on DPOS (share authorization certification mechanism). The advantage of this decentralization is that the tokens token by the party that predicted correctly are all from the tokens that locked by the the party with wrong predication. There is no one or system will join in the division.
The user predicts the event
The information of operation upload to chain and the record is confirmed
Lock the MESSE coin required for prediction
The MESSE directly assigns the token after the game
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