After a long period of development, the event planning industry has been already matured. However, the marketing events constructed by the interactive links of multiple parties often cause information isolated island due to separation of information flows; The events data, and interaction effect of events, etc. cannot feed backed via the effective communications, which in turn affects the follow-up arrangement and strategic adjustment of the event. This factor has become a bottleneck that hinders the development of marketing events.
The organizers of each event can record and track the corresponding events data through the blockchain technology. The organizers can use these information to analyze the actual effects of the event, understand the effective receiving system of the event information and obtain the valid interval values of the event for better organizing the new marketing events.
Release of event information statistic
Uplink of event acquisition channel
Uplink of effect data after the execution of events
Real-time query and post-audit of brand party and event executive party.
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