Exhibition Leasing
At present, there are many problems in the exhibition leasing industry. The first is the issue of authenticity. The exhibition leasing source is fraudulent and it is difficult to trace the credit status of the leasing participants. Secondly, the formation of such a multilateral chain requires a lot of money and energy to build trust. At the same time, the cost of trust between the two parties is high. Meanwhile, the difficulty of management is increasing rapidly, and the key management of the leasing, the collection of water and electricity, and others are too numerous, and during this management and collections, it is easy to cause disputes.
Big data technology based on blockchain can solve the trust problem. First, through the docking of multi-dimensional data, this technology can construct digital identity images for the participants of the exhibition leasing. The behavior of each participant will be recorded in the MESSE database, and it is traceable and cannot be tampered. This data itself has the characteristics of mutual endorsement and mutual verification of multiple transaction entities, which can greatly reduce the core of the data and reduce the cost. At the same time, it can also ensure the reduction of transaction risk and the transaction is more certain.
Blockchain allows leasers to build new technologies in technology itself, rather than relying on individuals, the design of this kind of consensus mechanisms increases costs of violations, and brings more certainty in convention and lease transactions.
Lease sources upload to chain
Multi-party leasing identity credit upload to chain
Build digital portraits
Multi-party leasing behavior records upload to database
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