Exhibition Supervision
Although the openness of technology in the field of exhibition supervision is increasing, most of them are still unable to get rid of the old model. At present, the exhibition supervision lacks flexibility, and the overall situation is seriously lagging. Due to the lack of supervision standards, the results of multi-party supervision and acceptance are different, therefore, it is difficult to achieve the effects of risk prevention and risk alarm. The asymmetry of information has increased the difficulty of establishing and implementation of coordination. In addition, the transmission of information of the exhibition supervision and the feedback always cannot be delivered on time, and the overall efficiency of supervision is low.
The decentralized system operation mechanism provided by the blockchain breaks the boundary of the exhibition supervision, which promotes the real transparency of the supervision data. The distributed data storage improves the traceability of the data and reduces the difficulty of supervision. The big data network of blockchain can form higher supervision standards, and unify the industry-wide exhibition supervision plan, also it can reduce the problems caused by the low supervision standards and improve the performance of safety .
Platform unifies supervision standards
Based on standard supervision and doing comparison one by one
Supervision information upload to the chain
Form an overall traceable supervision report
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