Exhibition Drawing Review
The review of the exhibition drawings is a work that needs strong skills and wide range and the time control is difficult. When there are some large-scale exhibitions, the task of reviewing drawings is heavy, and the time line for drawing review is long. It involves some issues such as rectification of drawings. Interaction with other section will cause confusion in the review. When they face the large-scale exhibitions, some of the review agencies will conduct zero-checks on the drawings of small booths, which greatly improved the risk of reviewing due to the non-trackability.
The platform based on blockchain technology can directly use comprehensive review and monitoring. The system will record the specific review time of each drawing, etc., and upload to chain through multiple dimensions of data, so that they can achieve full traceable information processing, and ensure each drawing will be reviewed.
Exhibition drawing uploads to the chain
Audit information record
The overall audit report is uploaded to the chain and feedback will be given back
Achieve information tracking during whole process.
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