Exhibition Training
In recent years, open training resources have flourished, and a large number of exhibition practitioners have been able to obtain certain free and open exhibition training resources. At the same time, they have inevitably encountered many problems such as high operating costs, difficult resource sharing, and low resource quality. How to build a new ecosystem with safe, efficient and credible open exhibition training resources has become the latest difficulty in this field.
The decentralization technology of the blockchain can save a lot of intermediary costs. All nodes will directly share the exhibition training resources through specific and agreed software protocols, and it will form an open sharing network with global and seamless flow of ultra-large-scale information resources, which not only will improve sharing efficiency, but also will solve the problem of isolated islands of resource. The MESSE platform can stimulate the participation of community members through community monetary rewards, and form a collective intelligence generation and circulation ecology that uses MESSE coins as the core incentive mechanism and an important indicator to measure community contribution.
Establishment of Consensus Software Agreement
Exhibition Training Resource Sharing
Monetary Reward for Community Members Contribution
Forming a Global Resource Open and Shared Network Ecology
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