Exhibition Model Design
There is a certain limitation to the creative communication of traditional exhibition model design. The sources of inspiration obtained by designers are limited, and the model design works have certain repeatability and visual fatigue. In the model design field, there are a large number of infringement incidents, and the public copyright awareness is weak. The model design plagiarists often refuse to admit their mistake, and it is difficult to defend the rights, and the procedures are complicate with high cost.
Big data in blockchain can realize the sharing mechanism of design materials, and it can make the exhibition design no longer rely on the searching of traditional material information and can share the big data in blockchain, and also can realize arbitrary PSD review without changing the file and without violating the sharing mechanism.
The core value of the blockchain application in the copyright field: reshaping the protection of intellectual property. Blockchain technology records all model design transactions in blocks, and records can not be tampered, so all transactions can be tracked and queried which can ensure transparency of the transactions in blockchain and avoiding users in the network illegally use content protected by intellectual property. For the original creator of model exhibition, this is a more convenient, safer and cheaper way to protect copyright.
Big data in blockchain achieves model design sharing
Model trading uploads to the chain
MESSE automatically registers transaction record
Avoid illegal misappropriation
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