Exhibition Tickets
In the ticket sales process of large-scale exhibitions such as China Joy, fake tickets and scalper tickets are emerging. On the one hand, the organizers of competitions and performances cannot directly connect to scattered ticket buyers. On the other hand, a few ticket platforms aggregate large number of ticketing resources with a huge number of users. In this case, due to the asymmetry of information, fans can hardly find a ticket, or can only buy tickets for abnormal premiums from the illegal ticket sellers. It is difficult for the event organizer to confirm the size of the fans in advance, and will often cause too few fan shows on the events, or the real situation is beyond expectations and they are not able to enjoy the premium of secondary sales.
In the application of blockchain anti-counterfeiting technology, blockchain technology is used to encrypt and store product identity. On the one hand, the consensus mechanism is used to achieve non-tamperable effect. On the other hand, data is stored by using the Ethereum’s ECTA algorithm for signature encryption. It will go through about 8 steps and perform multiple message digest and algorithm encryption to ensure that it can not be deciphered in the future when the quantum computer is invented, so that it can achieve the unique and anti-counterfeiting features of identity recognition.
Exhibition official information upload to the chain
Information system docks
Reduce the impact of manual business
Ensure that the ticket information of the exhibition can not be falsified
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