In the field of conference communication, the information under the traditional mode is transmitted by point-to-point, which enables the tracker to intercept the information by tracking the transmission path of information that causes the transmitted information security problem of long-distance conferences, thereby urgently need to ensure the absolute security of information transmission paths.
A brand new application of blockchain in the field of communication can completely change transmission channel of information to fundamentally solve the security problems for transmission paths of conference information. The conference communication of blockchain technology mainly builds a brand new network communication architecture based on the principle of blockchain technology, which has many obvious advantages in terms of communication network dispersion and security using blockchain technology, and cannot be blocked by conventional firewalls. The network has user-controlled record storage, once the data was tampered, it will not be stored on any servers. The blockchain encryption technology provides advanced encryptions for the messages, data and files of each conference to ensure the security of the conference data.
Uplink of conference information in whole course
Rncryption of conference information, data and files
Transfer of conference information on trusted transmission path
Uplink of conference information reading record
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