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Messe and THM have reached an agreement with 2022 World Cup. New blockchain technology prevents problems in the ticketing system .

  Messe and THM will start to work together. The combined aim of Messe and THM is to improve the ticketing system during the FIFA 2022 World Cup. Due to blockchain technologies, the problems with ticketing system will be solved.

Messe and THM have reached an agreement with 2022 World Cup. New blockchain technology prevents problems in the ticketing system .

  According to the statistics, in 2017 the revenue from “global performance and sports events “ was $17.5 billion. In 2022 market rates are going to increase even more, the expected income will be about $26.7 billion. But despite the fact that the profit of global events is rapidly growing, the problems of ticketing systems have always existed, therefore Messe and THM will make efforts towards solving the problem. For example, in the period of the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia, there were many situations when a large number of fake tickets were sold to people, besides the fake tickets there were many scalper tickets which is also one of the problems of a ticketing system.

  There are always problem areas in the traditional ticketing systems, such as fake tickets and speculators, so it is very difficult to trace the transaction process. The anonymous transaction is one of the key points between ticketing systems and blockchain technologies. The advantages of blockchain technology are autonomy and inability to tamper with information, these two points enhance the security of the ticketing system.


  Some days previously the organizers of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar had made a strategic decision to cooperate with Messe Token. The reason for the Messe Token and THM cooperation was to create a unique and unmatched blockchain admission tickets system. Firstly MESSE will focus their attention on the issue of fake tickets. MESSE intends to implant a microchip into the 202tickets, thereby the microchip will keep the information about the purchase of the tickets. At that time the tickets with a microchip will be official used in the 2022 World Cup. Due to the microchip, the ticket information will be able to verify authenticity. The feature of the Messe blockchain system is based on a protocol which enables all nodes of the ticketing system to create an atmosphere of trust; the process of exchanging information is very safe without any interference. At the same time, there is a guarantee that the information cannot be changed, when the customer buys a ticket and verifies all the data, the information will be kept in the system. The Messe blockchain technology guarantees the highest stability and reliability for ticketing information.

  Every ticket has an internal label, therefore customers will be able to monitor the entire process of buying tickets. The label cannot be tampered, therefore organizers and customers will be able to identify the authenticity of the ticket. Because the information chain has an irreversible feature, the organizers of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar can control the sales of each ticket, track the flow of tickets and each transaction will be recorded by the MESSE chain. If the speculation is noticed, it instantly appears in the system and after detailed verification, the speculator won't be able to participate in the World Cup in Qatar. The cooperation of Messe and the 2022 FIFA World Cup will help to decrease the height number of speculators in the ticketing system and guarantee positive benefits to all participants.

  At the same time, the tickets which will implant into the Messe Blockchain system provide a smart contract. The Smart contract regulates the process of reselling tickets. For example, according to the contract rights, when the tickets will be on sale for the first time, the customer won't be able to resale the ticket to another customer during one month or another rule, the customer can resale the ticket only one month before the competition.

  The price increase for reselling will be set in advance, it should curbs the speculative behavior and helps the development of the tickets market.

  The admission tickets are the kind of certain assets, furthermore, at specific times it can be virtual assets. In addition, Messe blockchain system not only provides information technology process ,( implantation microchip into the ticket ) but also come to an agreement with Qatar World Cup organizers about the method of tickets purchase. Messe blockchain system issues Messe Token, thereby customers can purchase tickets immediately with discount, by using Messe Token.

Messe and THM have reached an agreement with 2022 World Cup. New blockchain technology prevents problems in the ticketing system .  

  Messe blockchain technology contributes to the solution of many problems with the ticketing system, due to blockchain technology the ticketing system produce a good results. The cooperation of Messe and 2022 Qatar World Cup make great progress in the whole ticketing system.

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