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“Blockchain+Supply Chain+AI”, MESSE TOKEN creates a new exhibition ecosystem with deep traceability

  The blockchain enlightenment brought by the sore spot of traditional supply chain

  Insecurity of traditional supply chain has become a major factor restricting the development of the exhibition industry. Under normal circumstances, different links in the entire supply chain may have problems which results in reducing a large amount of profit predicated before. The main reason for this problem is that there are too many supply chain links. The multilateral participation from upstream and downstream will cause the asymmetry of information flow in the process of supply chain increasing the possibility of problem and the occurrence of risks. Through its essence, the primary cause is still a question of trust.

  There are a lot of interaction and collaboration among different subjects, but all kinds of information generated during the entire supply chain operation are discretely stored in their respective systems and the information flow lacks transparency. This will bring two kinds of serious problems. First, it is difficult for the participating entities on the chain to accurately understand the status and existing problems of the related items because of lack of transparency & smoothness of the information. Therefore, it will affect the efficiency of the supply chain. Second, the proof and the accountability are time-consuming and laborious resulting in low efficiency & higher cost when there is a dispute among the entities. Through the MESSE TOKEN blockchain exhibition platform, the comprehensive exhibition service applications and information related to items can be recorded, and it is convenient to track the whole process by making a quick inquiry. “Blockchain + Supply Chain”, MESSE TOKEN provides overall industry supply chain solutions to sore spot brought by traditional exhibition supply chain.

  Deep traceability of the entire process of covering the production and distribution of exhibition services

  CEO Micheal has set three main directions for MESSE TOKEN. The first direction is technical services. Relying on the advantages of the IoT, the combination of the supply chain, blockchain & artificial intelligence can achieve the core value of technical services. The second one is the deep traceability of service applications and goods. In general, the blockchain usually stays in links of the logistics chain, and MESSE TOKEN is committed to achieving the traceability of the entire supply chain, fully covering all aspects like the booth design ,the material reserve , the final booth construction & even the exhibition ticket etc.. Hence, the blockchain traceability can maximally achieve its effects on the traceability of debt-collection and ticketing security. The third is the environmental protection of the exhibition. MESSE TOKEN hopes to track the service applications, the flow of the exhibition items & the process after final work by blockchain so that they can be used as environmental protection again.

  At present, MESSE TOKEN has matured in traceability. Every link and every information flow is recorded in the chain. This has greatly improved traditional anti-counterfeiting as well as the proportion of rationalized exhibition service applications & equipment etc. At present, MESSE TOKEN has strategic cooperation with different participants in the upstream and downstream of the exhibition supply chain, and the list is still being updated.

  Blockchain + AI big data, building a smart supply chain platform

  MESSE TOKEN has created an open and synergistic smart supply chain service platform in exhibition industry through the integration of big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence & other technologies, promoting the upstream and downstream terminals to use the smart supply chain to achieve the precise management of the optimization of production & speeding up turnover. At the same time, MESSE TOKEN realizes the credit management of the upstream and downstream terminals of the exhibition supply chain via the intelligent contract and evaluation system, which helps those in need obtain credit information in an easy & convenient way.

  MESSE TOKEN forms a cross-terminal and inter-disciplinary coordination mechanism within the industry through its own platform, thus coordinating & promoting the establishment of standard system of a smart supply chain. It will also support enterprises with powerful exhibition supply chain services to integrate scattered social resources and encourage collaborative sharing of supply chain resources.

  Currently, the MESSE TOKEN team has realized the business coverage of the exhibition industry, and continuously expanded outward accumulating more and more applications of landing scenario. MESSE TOKEN will continue to use the blockchain to change the supply chain of existing industries & solve the sore spot so as to deliver value to the world.

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