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Building a smart management with blockchain, MESSE TOKEN empowers the ticketing system of concerts & exhibitions

  In recent years, with the continuous and rapid development of the economic industry, the influence of concerts, events and exhibitions has been expanding constantly and gradually infiltrating into people's lives. Faced the problems brought by the explosive development of such activities in China, how to deal with the scalpers and how to distinguish the authenticity of tickets has become a dilemma faced by many consumers. The backwardness of the ticketing system has hindered the development of related multi-industry, but there is no a truly reliable technology to solve this problem.

  The issue of falsified tickets in the recent World Cup was exposed. In 2016, the tickets of Taylor Swift concert were sold out in seconds but after that there are many tickets with unreasonably high price. Although people who need to be responsible for the farce is still unknown to public, many parties as ticket-related participants suffering great loss like fans, brands and ticketing websites have already become facts. However, these are only common ticketing problems known by the public, and similar events are happening almost every day.

  Based on the blockchain, MESSE TOKEN brings consumers and brandsa technology that truly eradicates the drawbacks of traditional ticketing transactions. As the blockchain may change the entire Internet in the future, MESSE TOKEN will revolutionize the world's ticketing issue as well.

  It is understood that the main components of MESSE TOKEN technology are divided into two parts. The front side includes the chipset. The ticket production is bound with the ticketing. The MESSE TOKEN gives the chip an unique ID identifier. The blockchain technology will record and save the ID to ensure that the information of ID cannot be tampered and copied. The technical back side is the MESSE TOKEN blockchain. At the same time, the platform system has some functions to realize the business process of management. For example, all parties in the ticket logistics links can upload and download the corresponding data as well as perform barrier-free retrieval & reading to manipulate the ticketing data by smart contract module.

  In this way, everyone can use this chip to obtain the ID of the corresponding ticket for tracking through the MESSE TOKEN blockchain technology so that everyone can easily identify the authenticity of the ticket. “MESSE TOKEN will transform the ticketing system for multi-industry providing revolutionary supply chain management solutions for the public, helping companies and consumers to track every ticket, which means MESSE TOKEN has already gone deep into the most basic individual level.” The leader of Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center said, "At the same time, MESSE TOKEN also offers a revolutionary user experience, giving each brand and consumer a chance to create their personal links in order to make the two parties establish a close relationship with their own ticketing system and create an excellent digital experience."

  The circulation of tickets in the ticketing system is also worth to be focused on. Therefore, the logistics system is also an indispensable part of the MESSE TOKEN landing application scenario. MESSE TOKEN, as a certificate of circulation, will be used as a new round of application scenarios after the concert ticketing system by the interaction between blockchain and exhibition logistics. Through blockchain technology, participants in the exhibition logistics can share information on the open, anonymous and untamed MESSE TOKEN, thus opening up the flow of information throughout the process. Meanwhile logistics providers can unprecedentedly refine the dimensions of materials management from SKU and it can be precise to every item. With MESSE TOKEN, we can provide customers with better services, record the information and flow of each item including tickets, and grant possibilities for new ticketing systems, exhibition logistics and business models. The entire good flow process, including tickets, can be tracked, and the MESSE token will be used as a digital currency in the circulation chain to complete commercial transactions.

  According to industry insiders, MESSE TOKEN offers not only cross-industry ticketing and logistics blockchain services, but also a broader development space in the future. For many industries, MESSE TOKEN provides an accessible entrance that allows participants in the ecosystem to manage and monitor their own merchandise and service applications and empower more industries.

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