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Relevant Development Plan within the Industry

Q.What is Messe? What is the vision of Messe?A.The Messe is the world-leading exhibition blockchain decentralized Platform which has accumulated a large number of industrial application cases in various industries through 9 years. The Messe is committed to building the blockchain solutions within the industrial eco-environment.
The vision of Messe is to apply the blockchain technology to build a reliable distributed exhibition eco-environment that can both self-circulate and expand outward.
Q.Advantages of Messe’s eco-environment?A.Relatively transparent and symmetrical information
Minimization of the trust frictions between different participants
Each participant gives full play to his strong point to contribute their own value for the exhibition eco-environment , thus obtains the relatively fair remuneration.
 Realizing the high-speed circulation of values and expanding the commercial closed loop of Messe in the future
Q.What is the token money used in the global exhibition ecosystem?A.The token money used in global exhibition ecosystem is Messe.
Messe is the ecological blood of the exhibition blockchain platform and each participant can obtain the corresponding products and services by paying Messe.
Q.Is Messe developed based on Ethereum?A.The Messe’s source code base is derived from Ethereum, but a large number of modification and improvements have been made during the two years of development and application to facilitate commercial applications, including Dynamic Block Generation Protocol (DBGP), Dynamic Block Security Protocol (DMBSP), Data Group Insertion Protocol and so on.
In addition, Messe has also provided an abstracting service for smart contracts and provides atomized, standardized and modular smart contract libraries (SVCL). The blockchain common data interface protocol has been improved for commercial applications.
Q.How many changes has Messe experienced during the five years of development? What is the future development plan?A.Messe has undergone three major upgrades from the design of prototypes in July 2012 to the launch of Messe Plan in June 2018.
2012 Q3 :
The preliminary formation of exhibition eco-chain platform presents solution to the upstream and downstream of the industry.
The team ran TPOC.
2014 Q1 :
Ethereum TPOC passed.
Messe platform beta version lunched and the plan officially started.
2014 Q4 :
Messe beta version was launched.
The first generation of Messe and the first business application case were launched.
This version achieved basic intelligent contract template and block chain browser, standardized block chain API.
2015 Q2 :
MesseM 1.0 official version was launched.
This version provided functional intelligent contract and service architecture was adjusted.
2016 Q3 :
More intelligent contracts, various application modules went online.
The fulfillment of online trading of exhibition originality
2018 Q2 :
Messe M2.0 plan was initiated.
Solutions to upstream and downstream supply chain including exhibition, activities and meetings. Multiple industries cases, like concerts are offered.
2018 Q3 :
Messe Pass issued, raising ETH of no more than $2,520, intensive R&D and market operations

Development Plan of Messe Technology in Future
2019 :
The third generation smart chips and Messe cloud platform going online.
2020 :
Q2 Messe M3.0 going online. Users of Messe can do program trading in some bourse.
Q3 the first cloud platform of blockchain in exhibition industry being realized.
Q.What is the Messe foundation? What is the specific governance framework?A.The Messe foundation is a non-profit legal entity approved in the Virgin Islands, which will serve as an advocacy entity for Messe blockchain. It is dedicated to the development and construction of Messe and advocacy and promotion of governance transparency for improving the safe and harmonious development of open source ecological communities.
Taking the experience of corporate governance structure as lessons, Messe establishes the strategic decision-making committee, secretary general, technical reviewing committee, remuneration and nomination committees, public relation committee and supervision and management committee. Please refer to the full version of “Messe Development Plan” for the specific responsibilities of each functional committee.
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