MesseToken is committed to creating a reliable distributed global blockchain decentralized exhibition platform with transparent and symmetrical, collaborative and high efficient information. In the development processes of the past five years, MesseToken has experienced the upgrading of technology, the timely adjustment of strategy, the continuous expansion of customers, and accumulated wider experience in the field of blockchain application service in the mainstream industrial state. MesseCoin continues to learn from the experiences and expand rapidly so that more organizations and individuals can participate in the decentralized exhibition eco-environment constructed by the MesseToken platform and grow up with MesseCoin.
Based on the background of global blockchain, MesseCoin uses the blockchain technology to build a reliable distributed exhibition eco-environment that can both self-circulate and expand outward. It is dedicated to creating blockchain solutions within the industrial ecological environment to realize the blockchain decentralized exhibition services in more than 200 regions in 40 countries around the world.
Establishment of the MesseCoin Foundation
The MesseCoin foundation is a non-profit legal entity approved in the Virgin Islands, which will serve as an advocacy entity for MesseCoin blockchain. It is dedicated to the development and construction of MesseToken and advocacy and promotion of governance transparency for improving the safe and harmonious development of open source ecological communities. The general block communities aim to take a high degree of autonomy, allowing the community participants to make diversified proposals, and usually adopt the “voting” method to make decisions on the important matters. However, such policy making procedure has become inefficient or unresolved due to the diversity of participant’s opinions, which are adverse to the continuous iteration and evolution of blockchain technology. What’s more, it will lead to the bifurcation of blockchain. The solution of taking the hard bifurcation has caused the people to question the decentralization concept of Ethereum and even the blockchain. This kind of governance is not so much a “democracy” as it is “anarchy”. The MesseToken development team highly recognizes the essence of the decentralization of the blockchain, and also absorbs the essence of governance structure in the traditional companies to improve the efficient formulation and implementation of the MesseToken’s development and promotion strategy and avoid the serious divergence and irreconcilable situations of blockchain design concept that may arise again. The MesseToken team has entrusted a reliable third-party organization to assist the team in establishing a foundation entity in the Virgin Islands and maintaining daily operations and reporting of the entity structure.
Governance Principle of Fundation
The design objectives of the MesseCoin foundation’s governance structure mainly consider the sustainability of opening platform on the MesseCoin blockchain, effectiveness of the strategy formulation, the management effectiveness, the risk management and efficient operation of the platform economy. The MESSE foundation proposes the following principles in terms of governance structure:
Organizational integration of relative decentralized governance and distributed structure
Coexisting between functional committee and smart unit
Risk-oriented governance principles
Blockchain and Enterprises to co-exist
Transparency and supervision
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